You Asked …

Q & A as header image stands for questions and answers

Q: Do I get a template to use for my website?

A: A WordPress theme will be installed in your website to be use. I will look for business themes that are relevant to your business and offer you links to 3 or 4 different themes to choose one from. The cost of this theme is included in on the cost of either the Plus and Premium packages, which ever you choose.

Please understand, you won’t need to be doing anything with the website. In an email, you will tell me what you want on which web page and I will be the one doing the work on your website for you.

Q: Do pictures come with the template that I can use?

A: No, pictures in the themes that you will be sent to choose one from will NOT come with the theme that you view. Those pictures are merely placeholders to demonstrate to you what your site could look like. You will need to supply (purchase) all necessary images.

Before you get started your search for images, I truly insist that you read how using images incorrectly could cost you a lawsuit. In this way, you will be able to circumvent any chance of such a nightmare happening to you. (NOT an affiliate link!) is a great website to purchase your images from … and, is the ONLY stock photo website I trust.

Q: Where do I get my information to use on my website? Does it come with the template?

No, there is NO text included with your theme.

You should NEVER EVER use anyone else has written content (or images!) as Google “hands out” extreme punishment quickly for duplicate content.

You will need to supply all images and text necessary for your website … unless you would like me to outsource that for you. However, this would be an extra cost over and above the price of my Plus or Premium packages. This sort of cost would depend on the amount of content (text) you would need.

Q: What pages do I need?

A: The pages I recommend you start with is your loading or home page, an about page, services or product page (depending if you are selling services or products, of course), a contact page, testimony page, a privacy policy page … and if necessary, a blog.

Q: Do I really need a blog?

A: If your business is highly competitive (in other words, there is lots of local competition) then, yes I would recommend you create a blog relevant to your business. You would only need to publish one post, say, every two months IF your competition is NOT blogging … more if they are. Providing you offer unique, quality content on your blog, you could gain SEO advantage over your competition.

Q: Once my website is all set up, do you “hand over” the keys (access)?

A: Only if you do not want me to manage your website for one full year.
Both my Plus and Premium packages include one full year of management. By this I mean that I update your site’s versions of: WordPress, theme, and plugins … and I solve broken links whenever it becomes necessary … along with minor updates/addtions that YOU might need done. The Plus and Premium “my times” are clearly stated on my Services page.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please email your question to me.